“85,000” - the Movie is Moving Forward!

By Larry Katzen, former Andersen Partner in charge of worldwide retail industry practice and managing partner of St. Louis office and the Great Plains Region. Larry spent 35 years with Andersen and worked in the Chicago, Melbourne, Dallas and St. Louis offices. Larry and his wife Susan are the proud parents of quadruplets, three boys and one girl and now have seven grandchildren. Larry recently wrote a book on his life with the firm entitled “And You Thought Accountants Were Boring – my life inside Arthur Andersen.” He is now working with Chris Rehr, writer, and Todd Harris, producer, on a human-interest movie about the Andersen demise called “85,000.”

I want to thank those of you that have responded to my last announcement on the movie “85,000” about the demise of Andersen. A number of you have graciously agreed to consider an investment of anywhere between $10K and $50K.” As a result, we are off to a good start in reaching our goal of $6 million.

For those of you who are still interested in making an investment, you can contact me at Larryrkatzen@earthlink.net. Any income from the movie will be first distributed to the investors, so that each investor will receive their investment back plus a 20% return before anyone else participates in the net income of the movie.

We are excited about this movie and our academy award nominee producer believes this will have worldwide appeal. For those interested, there is no need to currently write a check. When we get closer to reaching our goal, we will then have our attorney draft up the operating agreement for your review. Currently, we just want to see if you may have any interest and, if so, at what general level.

To view a 90 second teaser click on 85,000 the Movie. This was produced to show prospective producers when they were marketing the script. Larry also showed this at the end of each of his presentations that he has made to over 35 Universities in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. You can find more information about the movie, “85,000,” on his website, www.Larryrkatzen.com.

We can all make a difference in getting the truth be told. Let’s follow our old principle of “Think Straight-Talk Straight” and show the world the REAL Arthur Andersen. If you want any additional information, please contact me at Larryrkatzen@earthlink.net

Thanks for your interest and support.

Your Partner and Friend

Larry R. Katzen